Thursday, October 7


This is Afton, Wyoming.
This is where I live.

I stole this picture from my father-in-law. He took it while on a plane ride overlooking the valley.
I've tried really hard to find the perfect way to describe this town to outsiders, but I can't do it. The closest I can come is that it's like one of those small towns you drive through on the way to somewhere bigger and better and as you pass through you think, "People actually live here?"

Yeah, people live here. And we like it.


Diana Hulme said...

gorgeous! :)

Joanna said...

Just beautiful!

Sabrina @ ...And Faux Pearls said...

Wow! I live in Alabama, and while we DO have the base of the Rocky Mountains, I've never seen anything as beautiful as this. If I ever venture as far west as Wyoming, I definitely want to visit and see all this beautiful scenery. Found you via blue cricket design's link up party:)

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