Tuesday, January 18


It’s going to be a good change. I know it.

I’m not sure how to wrap my head around what is happening. Up until three weeks ago, we thought we’d be in Star Valley for the rest of our lives. Moving somewhere else, taking a different job, leaving the comfort of being close to family: those thoughts hadn’t crossed our minds. We belong in Star Valley. At least that’s what we kept telling ourselves. We were supposed to be here, we knew we needed to move here, so why would we leave?

Of course starting a business is hard. Starting a law practice and making it successful seemed impossible. Clay has done an incredible job. I can't even express how amazing I think he is. But he has learned very quickly that it’s not what he wants to do. He didn’t go to law school wanting to become a lawyer. He didn’t want the title, he didn’t want the messy cases, and he didn’t want to be in and out of a courtroom for his entire career. He just wanted to find a way to help people.

And now he’s found it.

It is exactly what he wants to do with his degree. It’s perfect for him. He beat out 80 other applicants to get it. I couldn’t be more proud of him.

The job is in Austin, Texas. That’s what we didn’t see coming. Texas? Big hair, big belt buckles, “everything’s bigger in Texas” Texas?

After a few days of crying, weighing the pros and cons, praying and turning to family for support we started to feel really good about Texas. Then when the company flew Clay out there to meet the team and see the city, he knew without a doubt it was what he wanted and what our family needed. (Surprisingly, the fact that it was 72 degrees there and we were stuck in -6 degree temps here wasn’t as big of a factor as you might imagine.) And now, with less than two weeks left before we pack up and hit the road to yet another new adventure, it feels great. We’re ready for it. We want it. We need it.

As for Star Valley, I’m going to miss it terribly. I feel like I haven’t had enough time to truly fall in love with it. But I have loved living here. I have loved having family only a few blocks away. I’ve loved being able to hop in the car and drive to Boise to see my family whenever we want. I’ve loved the people, the spirit and the energy in this town. But I am learning that sometimes the Lord directs us to certain people and places for only short periods of time. We may know right away why, but, as in our case, it can also take a long time before you know what you were meant to learn or experience during that time. What I do know is that it’s been completely wonderful and it will be very hard to leave. Star Valley will always be a place I’m happy to have called home.

And as for this blog – it is staying. I appreciate everyone who has expressed a desire to keep following and reading the country girl chronicles. You have no idea how happy that has made me. The blog will remain. The way I see it, Texas is just a different kind of country. I will do my best to keep the blog the same. To keep the same feel and attitude. If anything, it should be even more upbeat because, as one of my closest friends pointed out to me while we were discussing the move, I just haven’t been myself lately. It's true. And I'm sure this move will be a good change. A difficult one, but a good one.

Thanks again for sticking with me. Thanks for your prayers and words of support. And as totally cheesy as it sounds, thank you for always being my blog friends.

[Star Valley, Wyoming  /  January 2011]


Elle said...

Congrats on finding the new job and heading out to Texas. I am sure things will be great for you and a lot less snow :) I know what you mean about only needing to be in place for only a short amount of time.

Erin Grimm said...

I am so glad to hear you are keeping the blog! And, I am even more glad to hear about the new adventure your family is undertaking. Can't wait to hear more about it!

BECKY said...

i was thinking about that last night... she's just moving to a different kind of country!
thanks for the explanation... love the details. and beating out 80 applicants? DANG.

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