Friday, February 25


eating. . .graham crackers + milk. My love for this perfect evening snack was inherited from my dad.

reading. . .catalogs, junk mail, nothing good. I am waiting for my next novel, The House at Riverton, to arrive in the mail.

watching. . .Fringe (still), Modern Family (still), and Community (a new-ish fave)

listening to. . .Adele. How can I not? The girl can sing.

smelling. . .Austin water. This stuff takes some getting used to.

dreaming of. . .new bedding for the master bedroom. I accidentally ruined the beautiful comforter we bought this summer. Note to self: if it doesn't fit in the dryer, don't force it. The blanket will burn.

anticipating. . .a visit in April from my best friend and sister-in-law, Sami Jo.

loving. . .being back in a routine. Weekends actually mean something again!

creating. . .pillowcases + artwork for Hallie's new room.

appreciating. . .Skype and webcams. They sure make long-distances seem shorter.

learning. . .how to make friends out of strangers.

celebrating. . .Hallie's second birthday. I love my two-year old baby girl!!



sami jo and ryan said...

i can't wait!!! 2 months!

Lacking Productivity said...

I'm copying this.

And I love that you love "Community." We can't get enough of it.

Christine said...

Look at you! That is so cute. And you are such a cute mom, just thought you should know!

Elle said...

Let me know how you like House at Riverton. I read it a few years ago and thought it was really interesting. As for the water when I am not sure of the taste and or smell I am all about Brita water pitchers.

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