Monday, November 21

be thankful / times 50

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Last week Cheri from I Am Momma (fave!) suggested everyone write down 50 things they're thankful for. Since I'm never one to back down from a gratitude-themed challenge, here's my list...

1. the rain in Texas today. It's a Thanksgiving miracle!
2. the nice lady who sneaked me into her express checkout lane today even though I had way more than 10 items.
3. my incredible little family. We rely on each other to get through every single day.
4. my husband's flexible work schedule.
5. Skype. For those essential Sunday evening calls to Dad and Mom.
6. my eyes and ears and fingers and nose.
7. Blue Bell ice cream.
8. incredible friends. Like the one who stopped by my house the other night to give me a Dr. Pepper slushy because "it's the best thing about Texas."
9. God's love for me. And my knowledge of that love.
10. nap time.
11. fuzzy slippers and hot chocolate.
12. wrestle and tickle time with my daughter.
13. really good tasting water.
14. technology. They should call it tech-knowledge-y. Get it?
15. blog comments.
16. perfect 75-degree days.
17. beautiful music to brighten any gloomy day.
18. big, fat hugs. From anyone really, but especially my husband and daughter.
19. the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Scared to think of what my life would be without it.
20. a car that works.
21. honesty.
22. Thanksgiving. It's not too nerdy to be thankful for Thanksgiving, is it?
23. my siblings. I heart them.
24. airplanes. Not airports.
25. a loyal and devoted husband.
26. good people who remind me this world isn't as completely hopeless as I sometimes worry it is.
27. answered prayers.
28. my washing machine.
29. the days when my husband suggests that I don't cook anything for dinner and we make it a cereal night.
30. Bare Minerals make-up. Anyone that comes face-to-face with me should be grateful for it too.
31. my in-laws. I married into a fabulous family.
32. digital photography.
33. the ability to read and write and learn and grow.
34. random acts of kindness.
35. insect repellent.
36. public libraries - for us bookworms who are on a budget.
37. belly laughs.
38. good mail days.
39. donuts.
40. creativity.
41. the Book of Mormon.
42. lessons learned. I prefer to learn them the easy way, but I'm thankful for the ones I learn the hard way as well.
43. pianos and cellos and guitars and other beautiful music makers.
44. my health and strength.
45. date nights and holding hands.
46. an old friend willing to reconnect after years of distance.
47. snuggles.
48. flowers in bloom.
49. a sweet and strong daughter.
50. my life and everyone and everything in it.

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I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

Oh that's a GREAT list! Thanks for your sweet note, too. I decided to post mine since you asked. What a darling family you guys are! Thank you so much for sharing your list with me Jodie! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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