Tuesday, December 20

must-watch Christmas movies

In our house, we know Christmas is getting nearer when we've crossed most of our must-watch movies off the holiday to-do list. I always look forward to giggling through Elf, singing along with the Whos down in Whoville, and finding myself believing in Christmas magic while watching The Santa Clause. And, though fast-forwarding through most of the Cameron Diaz scenes in The Holiday is a must (seriously), I still smile at the sweet interactions of the rest of the characters throughout. Just Friends and Christmas Vacation are hilarious and rowdy and perfect to watch after a day of stressful holiday preparations. And A Christmas Carol, of course, is the pièce de résistance that we save for Christmas Eve.

Each movie is special to me in its own little way. Maybe because I always watch them with the people I love or because they are usually accompanied by candy and treats given to us from friends and neighbors. I just know that getting in the Christmas spirit isn't the same without them. 

What Christmas movie is your must-watch every year?


Sam @ The Junk House said...

Definitely the Grinch (animated version only)! I also like It's a Wonderful Life and Love Actually. And I watched Elf while I was wrapping presents on Sunday.

Emily said...

I love Muppets Christmas Carol. It takes me back to elementary school, days at home with my brother, and a roaring fire in the wood burning stove.

Also LOVE Holiday Inn. Bing can sing to me all season long.

Brooke said...

Love your list! All my favorites too! I really enjoy reading your blog!

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