Tuesday, June 26

fashion formula / summer wear

I have to confess that as much as I love summer I really dislike dressing for the season. I'd rather be poolside in a swimsuit for the three hottest months of the year than wearing any kind of "big girl clothes", as my daughter calls them. However, since we all have responsibilities other than sunbathing, I have created a fashion formula outfit that follows the rules while still allowing for a little summer fun.


Basic:  These yellow shorts are surprisingly neutral in the world of colored bottoms. They keep everything looking simple and tidy, but they could also become an interest piece in a different outfit. Isn't versatility fabulous?

Interest:  Chambray is everywhere this year. This shirt becomes the interest piece because of the texture it creates when layered over a white tank, along with the pockets and buttons. It is lightweight and would look super sexy with the arms rolled up to quarter-sleeve length.  

Completer:  I love that a simple skinny belt can play the role of completer and pull all the pieces together. In shorts or any other summer outfit, this fellah is the perfect completer piece - it doesn't add any bulk or warmth and it gives your casual shorts a look that's a bit more pulled together.

Accessories:  Pairing a solid outfit with a patterned shoe and bag will help it to stand out. And a well-placed splash or two of color never hurt anyone. Ever.

This outfit is a great way to create a seasonal look that breaks away from the traditional t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops look. C'mon...we all do it. But it sure is fun to mix it up every once in a while. 

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