Monday, July 2


eating. . .circus animal cookies. You know, the pink and white ones with sprinkles. A childhood favorite.

reading. . .this speech by Dallan R. Moody (it's incredible...and a tearjerker), my favorite blogs, and food magazines. I have got to find myself a new novel. Any suggestions?

watching. . .Burn Notice on Netflix. Scantily clad women aside, I totally love this show. Michael Weston is so the man.

listening to. . . the Summer Hits of the 2000's station on Pandora. Nelly, Jesse McCartney, Nsync, Usher - oh the memories!

dreaming of. . .finding the perfect rental house in the perfect neighborhood and finally getting our stuff out of our storage unit.

celebrating. . .a new job, birthdays, our wedding anniversary, Independence Day. June and July are cray-cray in this neck of the woods. 

anticipating. . . a day at the waterpark with my sis and Hallie and her cousins. Look out, wave pool!

wearing. . . a graphic tee that says "Love Made Me Do It". Truthfully. This shirt will never be worn anywhere other than within the walls of my home. 

loving. . .my summer tan, being permanently close to so many family members, brightly painted toenails poking out from strappy sandals.

not loving. . .having to reapply lotion to my arms and legs five times a day. This Idaho air is dry!

creating. . .lists. Grocery lists and project lists and lists for my other lists. It's organizing time.

appreciating. . .Hallie's newfound love for the movie The Emperor's New Groove. I don't know many things that are cuter than a three-year old who walks around the house saying, "Nooo touchy!"

learning. . .a whole lot about life and its truest and most genuine joys. 


Shaunee said...

Sounds like a happy day!

I love the 2000's! Those songs always bring back memories.

My friend suggested "Divergent" for me to read. She loved it, and said it is kind of like "Hunger Games". I have not read it yet and I have no idea how clean it is... so, read at your own risk!

BECKY said...

and I'm jealous of you eating those cookies... they are ridiculously amazing. I might have to use some bday money and get me some. It's been way too long.

Sarah said...

Oh how I miss you guys. Saw Shannon this weekend with her cute belly and it just reminded me of some very good times we all shared. I need your new address by the way. :)

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