Thursday, November 29

non-cheesy slideshow songs

Every year for Christmas I give my in-laws a picture slideshow of our year in review. The whole family is basically one big paparazzi team, so we always have plenty of pictures to share. As hard as it can be gathering the hundreds of photos from family activities throughout the year, the more difficult part is finding the perfect songs to play in the background. I don't want anything too cheesy and I really don't want 90's graduation songs, so I often find myself ready to tear my hair out after hours of song searching. However, by some Christmas miracle I always end up finding the greatest three or four songs to add to my slideshow for the year. 

I've compiled a list of many of the songs I've used over the past five years' slideshows. These are great alternatives to the cliche sappy and dated songs we're all used to hearing or the overly lovey ones more fit for a wedding video. Give them a listen when you have a chance and prepare yourself for the sudden urge to create a picture slideshow for someone in your family. 

COUNT ON ME / by Bruno Mars
IF THERE WAS NO YOU / by Brandi Carlile
FATHER + DAUGHTER / by Paul Simon
HOME / by Andrew Simple
WE GOT LOVE / by Ernie Halter
THREE LITTLE GIRLS / by JJ Cale and Eric Clapton
BETTER TOGETHER / by Jack Johson
THE BEST THING / by Jeremy Kay
YOU MAKE ME HAPPY / by Lindsey Ray
WE BELONG TOGETHER / by Randy Newman
I'D RATHER BE WITH YOU / by Josh Radin
93 MILLION MILES / by Jason Mraz


Torrie said...

What a good idea! I'll have to check out the ones that I haven't heard of yet. And now you really did get me thinking that maybe I should do a slideshow for Christmas... :)

sarita said...

I loved this post! I actually give my inlaws the same gift every year, and you can find Josh Radin's song in the slideshow I did from a couple of years ago.

I passed the torch to my brother-in-law this year because I wasn't feeling up to it and now I'm regretting it!

I would love to know which songs you use every year from here on out! Can we make an annual post out of this one?

Kimberly said...

Thanks for the post! I love the Kyle Andrews song.

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