Thursday, September 2


eating. . .Peanut Butter M&Ms
reading. . .Mockingjay (who isn't?), Real Simple Magazine, and an awesome talk, For Times of Trouble, by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.
watching. . .lots of baseball games and prepping for lots of college football games. Go BYU!
listening to. . .Nickel Creek. Not to be confused with Nickelback. Please don't ever think I'd voluntarily listen to Nickelback.
smelling. . .Cinnamon Vanilla Scentsy. Thanks, Mom!
dreaming of. . .a new wardrobe courtesy of Boden and J.Crew.
waiting for. . .Bar Exam results for Clay. Only 4-6 weeks left!
creating. . .hair accessories, a new photography blog for Sami, and repurposing a french memo board for the master bedroom.
learning. . .patience, frugality, and excellent cold-weather layering techniques
celebrating. . .the return of sunshine. At least for a couple of days.


Emily said...

It's not often that I hear of someone who is listening to Nickel Creek. Good taste Jodie. :)

Shaunee said...

I am laughing because it sounds just like my house... except that I just finished "Catching Fire" and I haven't made it to "Mockingjay" yet. Love Nickel Creek, PB M&M's, Scentsy, patience and frugality!

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