Monday, August 30

fly fishing

Clay took me fly fishing last week. I loved it. It helps that I caught three fish, including the beauty you see pictured above. My excitement in that picture is genuine. The combination of the four-wheeler ride along the creek to get to our fishing spot, the smell of the mountain air, the beauty that completely surrounded us as we fished, and spending quality time with my husband made for a perfect activity.

Throughout this summer I've tried a lot of new things. I promised myself I would and I followed through. But fishing is the first thing I've done since the move here that I've really enjoyed and I still felt like myself while I was doing it. Funny, because fly-fishing would be the last thing on earth I'd ever expect to enjoy. The only reason I even went is because I was bored out of my mind and it was about the only form of entertainment in this small town that I hadn't tried yet. I hiked, I camped, I went to rodeos - and even sported a cowboy hat, I shot a gun. And although I didn't totally hate doing all of those things, they just aren't who I am. At least not yet. And probably not very soon. I wasn't going to change my lifestlye that drastically over the course of just one summer. But I am glad I did them.

As for fishing? I already want my own pole. I want one of those crazy vests that hold the flies and other silly gadgets. I'd even be willing to sport some super cool waders. I want to be great at it. I want to go again today.


Rachel M. said...

Look at you go!!!

Diana Hulme said...

i love what the country has done to you. :)

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