Wednesday, November 10


eating. . .cereal. It's always cereal.

reading. . .My Antonia by Willa Cather. It's written beautifully, but I'm having a hard time getting into it. Maybe I should try opening it when I'm not already comfy in bed and about to fall asleep.

watching. . .Modern Family and Fringe. What am I not watching anymore? Glee. What a disappointment this season has been.

listening to. . .Art Garfunkel, courtesy of an oldies mix from my dad. Also, now that snow is on the ground I've slowly let some Christmas music creep into my playlists.

smelling. . .snow. Yeah, it totally has a smell.

dreaming of. . .Thanksgiving food. We're cooking a turkey again this year and it's gonna be yummy!

waiting for. . .my hair to grow. I've seen two different stylists since moving here and neither one left me very impressed. I miss my Iowa stylist! Is a guaranteed cute haircut a worthy reason to buy plane tickets to Des Moines?

creating. . .Christmas decor. And lots of it.

learning. . .the importance of unwavering faith and making good choices.

celebrating. . .awesome wins by our favorite NBA team. Go Jazz!

**Remember you have until 6:00pm this Friday to enter a comment for the Christmas mix drawing!!**

1 comment:

Emily said...

ug I stopped watching Glee too :/

you'll have to share what you're making for Christmas decor. I'm really sick of my old stuff and I want a more homemade feel. We'll see if I have enough energy to do it this year!

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