Saturday, November 13

loving lately :: november 2010

- If you are planning on doing any online shopping this holiday season, go through ebates. When you make an online purchase through a participating website (,, and about a thousand others) you receive a percentage of your purchase back. It's free, it's super easy, and a check is in the mail every three months. It sure is fun getting paid to shop!

- Watching movie trailers on my computer. I know I'm not the only one whose favorite part of going to a movie is to see the new trailers. And since nights out to the theater are few and far between, this is second best.

Veronica Mars episodes on DVD. Everyone has a guilty pleasure TV show (or two, or three...) and mine was and still is Veronica Mars. When nap time rolls around and I need a break from crafting or cleaning, it's on with Veronica. And though it may be my guilty pleasure, I never feel guilty after the episode is through.

- Getting crafty with my Cricut. Though I have the oldest version of the Cricut, I still consider it my crafting staple and one of the best gifts I've been given. As I let my creativity go crazy I find more and more uses for it. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

-  Checking Woot and Woot Kids every day for their newest deals. New day, new deal, easy as that. I've actually never purchased anything from Woot, but I know I will. I'm just waiting for the day when they feature that perfect steal just for me.

Orville Redenbacher's Kettle Korn. Man, this stuff is good. I'm not typically a popcorn-eating kind of girl, but this kettle korn (and only this kettle korn) hits the spot. It's not too buttery and perfectly sweet. No other will do.

- Project Thankful by Marta Dansie. Marta Writes is one of my favorite blogs to read. She's fun and sincere and talented and a good writer to top it off. Her clever way of reminding us to give thanks is just one of the many reasons I love her blog.

- Listening to The Boise Song by Jewel. I have fought this battle many times with many people and, thanks to Jewel, the world will now know. There is no Z in Boise!!

Chocolate-covered cinnamon bears. Oh my. I can't stop eating them...and I don't even like cinnamon bears!

- Last but not least, I am loving my blog readers and subscribers. It's fun having this blog as an outlet and knowing you enjoy it too makes it even better. So, thank you for reading and thanks a bunch for those of you who comment. You make my day!!

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Shaunee said...

Mmmm... chocolate covered cinnamon bears. I love them. And, kettle corn! Although over here we go with the Jolly Time brand (that's my kids favorite). Sounds like you are keeping busy and having fun!

P.S. I am requesting that you post some of your Christmas crafts soon so that I can get some ideas and start before it's too late!

Brittany said...

I also LOVE Veronica Mars and Kettle corn. And you gave me a few new websites to check out!

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