Saturday, November 20

thankful for: the little things

I don't like when people publicly complain about their lives. I like to believe that blogs and facebook were not created so people can let the rest of the world know how much they dislike their kids, their spouse, their job, or their life. I just can't stand that it's become this acceptable to focus on the bad when there is so much good in our lives! Having said that, it's been a rough week around here. And that's all I'll say. But the tough days have allowed me to reflect on the good days and the little things that make them great. Here are just a few little things that I'm especially grateful for right now...

music -- I saw my little sister-in-law in her high school production of Bye Bye Birdie today and had a smile on my face the whole time. Play me some show tunes and I'm a happy girl.

cinnamon + sugar toast -- nope, butter and jam just doesn't cut it for me these days.

a garage to park your car in  -- blizzard-like conditions are always better received when I know my car is safe and warm.

a good hair day -- even when the snow and rain ruin it, at least it looked super cute for a little while.

a phone call home to Dad and Mom -- it's not nearly as good as a hug in person, but it does the trick and I always get off the phone in a better mood.

digital cameras -- because taking just one picture of Hallie and hoping it turns out when the film gets developed simply doesn't work. The girl can rock an impromptu photo shoot like no one's business!

good mail days -- this isn't a secret to anyone who knows me at all. Give me a new catalog, a CD mix from my dad, a wedding announcement, or a Target coupon brochure and we'll call the day good.

and, of course, these two -- it doesn't matter what the day brings us, because when all is said and done I've always got my loves to keep me warm. :)


BECKY said...

"got my loves to keep me warm" SUPER CUTE!!!

Love this and I hope things are better next week. Hard weeks are hard, that is for sure. But I love a person who can focus on the positive.

Someone I know just posted a post about how down they are because they haven't been able to go on a trip for over 10 months now. They had a baby soon after I did and "she just needs a break." I almost barfed reading her post. I'm sure she didn't mean it in a bad way but I just took it so wrong... she is SO dang lucky to have a kid because so many others can't. Anyway I'm totally rambling and this doesn't even make sense, but your post was a huge breath of fresh air after I read that and got a bit heated.

Ted and Hilery said...

Amen Sista! Your post is the exact reason I only have a handful of friends on my status update page! I just can't stand drama!
Thanks for posting and we miss you here in Iowa!

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