Tuesday, December 14

confessions of a so-called country girl

[a glimpse into our day-to-day]

I use at least six pieces of tape when wrapping a present.
I would rather eat Teddy Grahams and fruit snacks for dinner than an actual meal.
It used to be much easier for me to put on a happy face.
I still listen to Nsync when my mood is just right.
I'm jealous of my daughter's awesome wardrobe.
I judge people who wear pajamas in public.
I have never been to California.
I have made manicotti twice in my life and both times ended up in tears. I'm considering testing the "third time's a charm" theory and praying for a miracle.
I will never, ever get tired of watching Ocean's Eleven.
I wish I was athletic.
I used to be a klepto. I even checked out a kleptomania book at the library once...and then I stole it.
I love to organize but I hate to clean.
It angers me to no end when people publicly complain about their pregnancy.
I claim water as my favorite drink, but that's just so I sound healthy. Really it's cream soda.
For the first time in my life, I'm having a hard time feeling the Christmas spirit.

Sometimes you just have to confess...


Katie Goulding Sierer said...

Hey! You will think this is so strange that I am commenting, but I grew up down the street from Clay and keep up on you guys via your blog. After growing up in SV I really have to say I admire you to NO end for moving there, especially as a young mom! Our little boy will be 2 in January and I really don't know how my mom raised 4 kids in a place where it is impossible to be outside in the winter, and there are very few options for outings! I don't say this to discourage you. I can totally tell you are a 'bloom where you are planted' type of girl and I am sure you and your family will flourish there, but I just wanted to express empathy! I admire your good attitude, and you are always clearly putting forth such an effort to appreciate the small things and take wonderful care of your family. Hope the random blogstocker doesn't make you feel uncomfortable, but hang in there! I am sure you will make the best of it!

Jarom & Corinne said...

hey, love that you mentioned nsync!!! lol, i still get in the mood every once in a while too! im not sure i can believe you on the klepto thing... i need more proof! :)

mike + ellen said...

its such a breath of fresh air to hear confessions. true and honest. and i totaly agree with the pajammas in public thing...especially when sweatpants are tucked into uggs. eww. love you!

BECKY said...

sweatpants into uggs???? oh that comment made me sick to my stomach!

i heart random confessions but i'm sad to hear things are hard right now. :( so many hugs. i hope hal and you and clay can feel the joy despite everything.

Shaunee said...

I loved this. I think sometimes people are too afraid to mention their bad days. Last year I felt the same way, that I could never get into the Christmas spirit. Partially because I was starting to have pregnancy problems and all my emotions were concentrated on that, but I also think that some years are like that. Maybe it's because you're in a new place and are going through a lifestyle adjustment.
I hope things start looking up! You're lucky to have such a wonderful, supportive husband and family!

P.S. Will you send me your address and Ellen's address so I can mail out some Christmas cards?

Elle said...

Hey girly I am right there with you when people complain about pregnancy. I wish they would remember how lucky they are to be able to carry a baby. I hope you have a few better says soon. I miss talking to you every Sunday in RS.

Lacking Productivity said...

I use like 15 napkins at any given meal.
I would rather eat an entire loaf of bread than an actual meal.
It used to be much easier for me to keep my mouth shut.
I listen to N*Sync, Barry Manilow, ABBA, and a host of guilty pleasures that I lack the self respect not to admit.
I am jealous of people who don't have to show up to work until 8am or later.
I judge people whose profile photos are more of their chests than of their faces.
I have never been to New York.
I have made partial-scrapbooks several times and am confident that the gods have every intention that I should try again.
I will never get tired of watching "Much Ado About Nothing."
I wish I was inventive.
I used to be a snoop. I'm still a snoop, I just don't feel guilty like I used to.
I love to fold and iron the laundry. I hate putting it away.
It angers me to no end when people bring their issues/problems to the wrong people.
I claim to love salad, because it sounds healthy, but I really only love salad when it is not at all healthy.
For the first time in my life, I feel completely burnt out.

Sometimes you just have to follow a confession, with your own confessions.

Thanks for your post.

Sulane said...

You totally were a klepto!!! So funny, I totally forgot about that. I love you Jodie!!! If Clay is busy, you and Hallie can totally fly up here and hang out with me for a weekend, or week, or month, or FOREVER!!! Give you the chance to thaw out a bit and have an AWESOME girls weekend....what do ya say? They have really cheap flights out of Idaho Falls on Allegiant Air....just a thought. :) I have Nsync...

BECKY said...

you were featured on 'i am a momma'... you go girl!

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