Friday, March 11

lost + found

I got lost last night. Really lost and really scared.

When I was in high school I spent many late weekend nights driving around the city by myself. I know...we all have our quirks though, right? My car was my sanctuary from the drama, the awkwardness, the insecurities of being a teenage girl. I would blast my favorite songs and drive for hours. I loved getting lost and using nothing but my memory (and awesome navigation skills) to find my way back home. It gave me a thrill. I loved being able to escape.

Last night I met up with a group of strangers for a girls' night out. It's not something I normally do. Friendships are hard for me. Strangers are even harder. I ended up having a great time though. It was wonderful. But on both the drive there (which was on the other side of town) and the drive home, I got lost. Sooo lost. It was dark, I don't have GPS, and I was alone in a brand new big city. Luckily my husband is incredible and talked me through everything. He guided me back to where I needed to be and helped me find my way home. The moment I walked in the door I fell in his arms and sobbed. I had never been happier to be home.

It may seem like a silly story. A grown woman crying because she got turned around on the freeway. But what makes it something worth remembering is the realization that came from the experience. I am a different girl than I once was. I have no reason to want to escape my life, even for a late night drive and the thrill of getting lost for a small moment. I have a life that I love living every single day. I have blessings. I have responsibilities and a home to keep in order. I have a husband and a daughter who need me. I need them. And I would rather be with them than anywhere else.

I am so happy to have found my way back home.

[Austin Zoo / February 2011]


BECKY said...

so glad clay helped you find your way home so perfectly. the story would have made me throw up if your cell phone would have died or something (i seriously almost get that nervous when i get lost..)

another spin on your realizations... i pictured clay as our heavenly father... someday you will fall into His arms and He and you will be so glad to be home.

sami jo and ryan said...

crying now. love this.

Michelle said...

You're not the only one, I have totally cried when having gotten lost. I am the worst at directions/remembering how to get from A to B or B to A and so it can be so scary and overwhelming. Am also so glad you got home safe!

Jarom & Corinne said...

thank goodness for cell phones!!! Love this post!!!

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