Friday, June 17

take care

This is me after a workout. I am tired and sweaty and gross and blotchy and a total mess.
I really, really dislike working out.

I used to think that those people who exercise and take great care of their bodies were kind of crazy...regardless of being in incredibly good shape. I thought they were in the minority. I thought I was normal for eating chocolate after every meal and snacking on sweets throughout the day. Then I got pregnant and started eating better. Then I gave birth and had to work hard to get my pre-baby body back. Then I slipped and let it all go.

Recently I have realized that I'm in the minority. I don't take care of myself. And so I have started working out again. Five mornings a week for the past three weeks I have done either Pilates or Yoga (love them both) or walked/run on the trail by our house. And it feels good. Not before, certainly not during, but after I've finished and can sit and breathe and rest, it starts to feel great.

I have a long way to go. My eating habits are far from perfect. (I can honestly say I will never be a calorie-counter. I don't even own a scale. And I still sneak chocolate once or twice a day.) It will be a while before I can run for more than 30 seconds at a time. But I know I'm doing a good thing. I know it's a good thing because I have more energy during the day. I'm happier when I begin my day with exercise. And I know it because I'm setting an example for my daughter, who so excitedly does jumping jacks and the One Hundred with me every morning. I'm happy to be showing her how to take care of her little body that is so precious and important to me. I guess it just makes sense to finally be doing the same with my own.

And it really truly feels great.


Allyce said...

I just found your blog through The Shine Project link up and I'm so glad I did! Great post and way to be intentional with being healthy! I'm also not a calorie counter, and love snacking and constantly crave chocolate! You're not alone, girl!
Have a great weekend!
I'm a new follower of your super cute blog!

Sami Jo Photography said...

artsy picture! I love it! You go girl! I know how much you have loathed working out haha, so I'm very proud of you!

Emily said...

Yeah, I'm battling the same thing. Baby weight comes off, chocolate puts it back on. No good. I've really liked Gillian Michael's 30 day Shred. The workouts are only 20 minutes. 20 minutes! For reals, I can stick Penny in the exersaucer and put on a show for Reggie and everyone can survive for 20 minutes. For me, it works great. I would love to get back into running, but alas, it is not meant to be at this time in my life. Good for you!

Kristen said...

chocolate is my weakness too! ughh try dark chocolate covered almonds! So good... and hey... the almonds are good for you! :-)

Shaunee said...

Good for you! Isn't it amazing how fast you start to feel better... and soon you'll be addicted (seriously). I have to start my day with some kind of exercise. It clears my head, calms my nerves, and makes me a better person overall.
Good luck... I love yoga but I hate pilates!

Torrie said...

Just found your blog through Pretty Life Anonymous, and I'm a fan!

You're definitely not alone in the eating-chocolate-every-day thing. I have the unfortunate habit of needing to end every meal with something sweet. When I'm being really good, that "sweet" will be fruit. The rest of the time, well... :)

I do love working out though. I decided that's my one saving grace :)

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