Tuesday, June 7

yellow + grey

[pictures via pinterest]

Our master bedroom has always been the most neglected room of the house. For example, we haven't had any kind of dresser or drawer chest in four years. Our socks have a nice little home in a cardboard box that has been used for three different moves across three different states. Lovely. Slowly but surely we're getting the room taken care of. It certainly has a long way to go, though.

I have been using lots of greys and yellows and whites, which I absolutely love. I especially like the mixture of different shades of grey. Steel and light, masculine and feminine, hard and soft. I know the color scheme is a pretty hot trend right now but I don't care. The whole world deserves to experience a little yellow + grey before it falls to the wayside for the next big fad.

Hopefully someday I'll get the room finished. Until then I'll keep looking for more and more inspiration.

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Sami Jo Photography said...

i love yellow and gray. OMG. i love a little royal blue splashed in as well. it's crazy how long it takes to get a house together huh? it will probably take me 20 years, and then i will be sick of everything and have to start all over. haha

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