Thursday, June 9

i'll never

Things I swear I'll never do again
but always do...

eat that many donuts in one sitting
wear jeans in hundred-degree heat
bring Hallie along on my big grocery shopping trips
go so long without talking to my closest friends
forget I'm cutting a recipe in half mid-way through making it
totally love another Lady Gaga song
watch another Will Ferrell comedy
waste all of Hallie's two-hour nap browsing on the computer
let the dishes pile up that high
forgo wearing sunscreen at the pool

[my not-so-helpful grocery assistant but awesome pool buddy + me / June 2011]


Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

Love it, especially the one about spending all of nap perusing the internet. I am so guilty of that one.

Emily said...

Ha! I love the one about Lady Gaga. I find myself busting out "I was born this way" and then stopping cuz I don't really want Reggie memorizing anymore of her songs than Poker Face. :)

Hallie's swimmy is adorable!

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