Monday, September 12


My friend Anna introduced me to an Antique Mall this weekend. Woah. It was dusty and musty and jam-packed and crazy cool. She's the perfect person to go with because she knows everything about everything. My favorites were the booths with vintage clothing and hats and purses. I want to throw a Great Gatsby party now more than ever before. And maybe a 1950's housewife party. And of course a disco party. Wait...I'm kind of describing Halloween, aren't I?

I also loved a booth that used binder clips to display old photos. Clever and frugal. I might give this a try in our home office. Except we smile in our pictures. My how times have changed.

ps / The top picture is almost as blurry as our vision was wearing those powerful old glasses. I found the haziness very fitting.

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Sami Jo Photography said...

i. love. old. photos.

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