Friday, September 9

a good read

I love when I find a book that fits my heart and imagination so perfectly that I want to read it a dozen times. Saving CeeCee Honeycutt is book that does just that. It's an easy read and quite lighthearted. It only took me a couple of days to read it, but every chapter seemed to find me either laughing out loud (the kind where your shoulders shake and your belly hurts) or wiping away a constant stream of tears. The story helped to reinforce my childhood dream of living in Georgia, though now it's to find bold and zealous old ladies to befriend rather than to support my Atlanta Braves. I suppose I could do both.

Also - I'm getting the house ready for another fun weekend. We have some great friends coming from Dallas for a quick visit. The boys will go to the football game and the girls and daughters will undoubtedly find some totally justifiable reason to go shopping at the outlet malls. As I prepare the guest room (translation: inflate the air mattress) I can't help but think how grateful I am to have friends no matter where we are. There always seems to be someone close by to share time and memories with. And for that I feel blessed.

I hope your weekend plans are something to look forward to as well.

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