Thursday, September 22


eating. . .Teddy Grahams and baby carrots. So I eat like a toddler.
reading. . .The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott by Kelly O'Connor.
watching. . .Project Runway, college football, a little bit of everything.
listening to. . .Schuyler Fisk. Love.
dreaming of. . .Autumn. Word on the street is that it'll arrive in Texas sometime around November.
anticipating. . .a date night with the hubs. They can't happen often enough.
loving. . .that my two-year old does Pilates with me every morning - and then reminds me to do sit-ups and jumping jacks, because they are her favorite.
creating. . .a skirt. It's been a long process. I thought sewing would come naturally to me, since my mom is a rockstar seamstress. I was wrong.
appreciating. . .nap time.
learning. . .how to say no and how to better manage my time.
celebrating. . .the little things: eskimo kisses and folded laundry and a yummy dinner. They deserve to be celebrated every once in a while.


Haylee Mollerup said...

Love it!!!
You're always such a great example to me in enjoying the small and simple things in life. :)
I love that Hallie is your workout buddy! When I'm practicing step at home, Chase is my workout buddy. :)

Ang @ Taking a Sunday Drive said...

Enjoyed reading this post- I am your latest "follower" It inspired me to post my own list! Stop by and visit me! Ang

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