Thursday, October 13

patience + help

It's a well known fact that I have a crazy two-year old. Cra-zy. I admire her for her curiosity and energy but it sometimes brings me to my wit's end. My mind is exhausted from keeping both eyes on her at all times and my body is drained from chasing her from one end of her vast world to the other. (The other day I had a stranger suggest I look into getting a kid leash for her. Thanks...I think. Actually, aren't strangers supposed to be the judgemental ones when I have my kid on a leash?)

Because I'm imperfect and stubborn in my own right, I find myself praying for patience. Every night as I kneel to pray and give thanks for this beautiful and chaotic life I've been blessed with, I also ask, perhaps sometimes too desperately, for lots and lots of patience. I keep telling myself that as soon as the patience fairy comes and fills that void in my mind or heart or wherever it comes from, all will be well and motherhood will be easier.

Then it hit me. Why not ask for patience at the beginning of my day instead of at the end when I feel like I've failed and have nothing more to offer? The start of each day is when I need it most; the tolerance and peace and serenity and genuine joy in motherhood. And do you know what? It has made all the difference in the world. I can face each day with a smile knowing that I have help from the minute my feet hit the floor until the blissful moment when my head touches my pillow.

I think this applies to everything in life. It can be hard to ask for help in the first place, let alone before we even face the tough parts of our day or whatever challenges we face. But I can honestly say that it changes a person. It opens your eyes to the good things and allows you to enjoy and live in the moments that are meant for you. And what a blessing that is.

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Emily said...

Really like this. My three year old might not be a huge ball of energy, but oh, he can be a moody and stubborn little one. I pray for patience, and then try to remember to "set myself and him up for success.". That's why we grocery shop at 7:30 in the morning--that way only a handful of workers witness his meltdown at checkout when I say no to the handfuls of candy bars he's trying to hoard in that big, awkward, car cart. Thats why I'm still buying pull ups--because I get way too mad after washing poopy underwear for the third time in one day. It seems like if I envision a good day, we have a good day. If I have no game plan and no tricks up my sleeve, we end up at ends with each other.

Hallie is adorable!

BECKY said...

So funny what the stranger said!
Love the perspective of this post... not one I'd thought of yet!

Melody said...

Love this, Jodie. Since getting my beloved iPhone, I've been reading scriptures in the morning while I do the exercise bike, most days at least. And it's really true about setting the tone for the day with something spiritual -- or perhaps it's just the sense of accomplishment I get from knocking the two most daunting to-do's off my list first thing: exercise AND scriptures all at once. Either way, it seems to make things go better.

Michelle said...

You write really beautifully and believe me you are not alone in this. Just remember how much she loves you and the patience will come more easily.

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