Thursday, October 6


There's something about wall-to-wall shelves above a bed that I absolutely adore. I imagine how lovely and welcoming it would be to walk into my room every day and be greeted by an entire wall of photos. Memory after memory displayed in such a fun and crisp way. And how easy would it be to replace pictures and frames as desired? Love.

Someday (ah the everlasting someday) I will have the master bedroom of my dreams. It will be furnished and decorated and perfect and whole. And I'm starting to think it will not be complete without that ingenious wall-to-wall shelf above the bed.

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BECKY said...

beautiful pics!!!!!! can't wait to see yours someday!!

karla said...

Holy buckets - I LOVE this idea! I've been trying to figure out what to do with the huge expanse of wall behind our bed and I think this is a great idea - I especially love the one with the wallpaper. I can't do that in our rental, but I'm stowing it away for future inspiration. What great taste you have - thank you for sharing it with us!

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