Wednesday, November 2

loving lately / november

- the winter/holiday catalogs rolling in. Boden and Pottery Barn are simply lovely.
- Charming Charlie. It seems that the only states that don't have this store are the ones I grew up in.
- Daphne Willis. Listening to her while cleaning the house actually makes scrubbing tubs kind of fun.
- the pure white ceramic vase collection at west elm. Oh the decorating possibilities!
- Person of Interest. I wasn't sure about this new show at first, but now I'm hooked.
- that I miraculously received a free 16oz bottle of Purity facewash by Philosophy. It's heavenly.
- real whipped cream. On strawberries, ice cream, straight from the bowl, whatever.
- this turkey shirt. I'm not usually a novelty clothing fan, but this is pretty dang cute.
- cozying up in warm jammies and snuggling with my loves. 'Tis the season.
- homemade gift ideas like a felt heart bookmark or magic wands for little dreamers.
- strip quilts. I am determined to make one before too long.
- LOFT's tiered ruffle hem jacket. And jackets in general. Especially over a horizontal striped shirt.
- that November is finally here. Look for lots of be thankful posts popping up throughout the month!


BECKY said...

i totally agree with you on the turkey shirt... usually that stuff is too much; but that is ADORABLE!!! and i love the stripe quilt. can't wait to see what colors you choose!

Sami Jo Photography said...

ya right.. you have a drawer full of christmas vests and jingle bell earrings.. i know it.

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