Thursday, November 10

t is for turkey

This isn't typically my busy time of year. In fact, it's usually the time that I am joyfully not busy. The calm before the storm. Not the case this year, however. I'm stepping up the Thanksgiving celebrations this time around. Count me as part of the No Holiday Left Behind club. I love Christmas like the rest of them, but Thanksgiving is pretty deserving of some undivided attention. Hence the turkey headbands. As Hallie and I made our headbands I explained Thanksgiving to her. After we finished I told her some of the things I'm grateful for then gave her a turn. "Octopus and bunny," she said sweetly. The girl loves her stuffed animals. Admittedly, I'm grateful for them as well. They let me get the dishes done and make nap time a breeze. 

I do love this time of year. And it finally feels like fall in Texas. Leaves don't change color here but the wind is blowing and the mornings are chilly. I even pulled out my fuzzy slippers. And I can't believe Thanksgiving is only two weeks away! I'm excited for the holiday. I always am. I do, after all, have much to be thankful for. 

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