Monday, November 14

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We don't always have weekend plans. Friday usually means date night, which in reality means ordering pizza and eating it picnic-style on the living room floor while watching a cartoon about singing kids and their rocket ship. Some Saturdays we don't even get out of the house. Sundays are reserved for observing the Sabbath and resting. And before we know it the dreaded week and workday is upon us yet again. 

However, every once in a while we get all sorts of crazy and actually do stuff. Those weekends are always the best weekends. Family time outside of the house makes family time inside the house enjoyable again. I'm so thankful for a husband who can walk into the room, say we all need to get out for a few hours, and take us on a mini adventure for an afternoon. I know it seems simple and something anybody can do, but to me it's special. Even though there's college football to watch and emails to return and errands to run, he can put them all aside for a day date with his girls. 

This weekend we went to a little Italian market and shared a cup of white chocolate gelati. Sigh. It was too good to handle. We ate and savored while Hallie danced to the sounds of accordion music nearby. I'm thankful for a daughter with a mind of her own and not a care in the world. I wish I could dance in public with my eyes closed and a smile on my face at the sound of any kind of music coming from any place. 

We also went to a park downtown and watched dogs chasing balls and owners chasing their dogs and the wind chasing everything. We climbed rocks and conquered giant trees and ran until we were out of breath. I'm so very thankful for seventy-degree November days in Texas. 

Now it's Monday afternoon and I'm already dreaming of another weekend. We may not do anything special,  but maybe we will. Either way, I have a good life and whole lot to love about it. 


carissa said...

your girl is so pretty! adorable pictures. i agree, whether it's a weekend full of plans or not, as long as your with your loves it's sweet, indeed!

BECKY said...

sounds so fun!
and i hope that i get that jmail uber soon!

Elle said...

In the bottom picture Halle totally looks like she is skateboarding.

Sami Jo Photography said...

love the pics!

this post is beautiful. you are such a good writer!

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