Wednesday, November 16

watch this

I've been on a watch kick lately, though I haven't worn one in years. However, I'm growing tired of using my cell phone (not even a smart phone...gasp!) to tell time. I dig and dig through my bag, look at the time, get distracted by something and within seconds have forgotten what time it is. This leads to digging through the bag yet again and the cycle is never ending.

I love, love, love bracelets. They're easily my favorite accessory. And I'm especially fond of the wrap watch trend that seems to be happening right now. It's like a watch and bracelet all in one! But my most beloved recent find is the white Imogene leather watch from Fossil. There's just something about it. See it below, along with a few other beauties I've stumbled upon.

Imogene White by Fossil  /  Diesel Silicone in purple  /  Angel Multi Strand by Tokyo Bay
La Mer Wrap Watch in Tobacco+Gold  /  Printed Dial in Bird by Sprout  /  Flight Pewter by Fossil

1 comment:

BECKY said...

i have a "dumb phone" too as I call it. :)

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