Thursday, December 15

hop on over

My dear friend Erin has a terrific blog called Taming of the {celiac} Sprue. It's full of great gluten-free treats and meals and tips and tricks. I love watching Erin turn Celiac Disease, which has so many limitations and restrictions, into something to conquer and work with, instead of around. She is simply awesome.

This month Erin has had a whole slew of friends, family, and fellow bloggers share their favorite gluten-free recipes and Christmas traditions. I am honored to be the guest poster today sharing one of my most beloved Christmas treats, Butter Mints.

Hop on over to Erin's blog to get the recipe for these delectable devils and many other yummy gluten-free foods.

1 comment:

Kirsten said...

We do everything except open presents?! That's hilarious...and true.

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