Tuesday, January 17


eating. . .Wheaties. Possibly with too much sugar sprinkled (more like dumped) on top.
reading. . .Just finished "Sarah's Key" by Tatiana de Rosnay. What an unforgettable story.
watching. . .(500) Days of Summer. Again. 
listening to. . .Jason Mraz's new single, "I Won't Give Up". Is there a more wonderful song out there right now? I think not.
dreaming of. . .new adventures.
anticipating. . .the end of potty training. I think I lucked out with my daughter, but I still finally get why parents going through it post about it and talk about it - a lot. It consumes your every thought for days at a time!
loving. . .my husband. I know that's totally cheesy, but he's incredible. And a total hottie.
creating. . .a new blog design. Be on the lookout. I'm a little HTML obsessed.
appreciating. . .70-degree weather in January. Texas does have its perks.
learning. . .to be stronger and more courageous. Not easy for a sensitive push-over like me. But it feels so cool when I have my strong moments.
celebrating. . .friendships. New ones and old ones. Good ones, great ones, and the very best kind of ones. Time spent with a good friend is the perfect cure for any bad day. Well, that and peanut butter M&Ms.

1 comment:

Torrie said...

It's kind of eerie how many of these questions I would have answered the same way...weird.

And I'm totally with you on Jason Mraz's new single. Brilliant song!

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