Wednesday, January 11

diaper wreath

I had the opportunity last week to help throw a baby shower for one of my dearest friends. She has two boys and is pregnant with a little girl so we were all excited to shower her with pinks and pretties and all things darling. I also jumped on the chance to make a diaper wreath. I've had them on my mind since spotting one on Pinterest a while ago. It ended up being a lot of fun to make and took less than an hour. Here are a few tips I learned throughout the process:

-Have the back of the diapers facing front. That way you don't have to worry about whatever image or character is distracting from the whole look.

-I was afraid my 9" wreath form wouldn't make a very big wreath. It was plenty big. In fact, I think anything larger might have been a bit obnoxious.

-After tying the diaper around the wreath form, fan that baby out to get a lot of volume. Don't be afraid to squish and spread and manipulate the diapers for a fuller look.

-Don't forget to tie a few baby toys to the wreath. They not only complete the look but also double as gifts.

-Be prepared for the men who see it to question your sanity for wrapping perfectly good diapers around a wreath and hanging it on the wall. Don't worry though - the women will love it.


Emily said...

this is adorable! i have a baby shower on saturday...just might have to make this!

BECKY said...

when it first came up on the blog reader, i was like, "SERIOUSLY! PEOPLE ARE HANGING DIAPERS NOW???!!!" and then i realized it was for a shower. phew. :) it's adorable for that no doubt. but if i see one of these hanging in your house, i might scream. like the toilet paper tube fad... kinda weirding me out :)

Sarah said...

I sure loved it! Thanks for all you did with the shower. It was wonderful!

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