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blogger Q+A / sami jo photography

Blogger Q+A is back! This is a monthly feature where we hear from some of our favorite bloggers. The questions are easy and fun and the answers are always entertaining. Read along as we get to know the best writers, fashionistas, crafters, photographers, mommies, and inspirations the blogosphere has to offer.

This month's featured blogger is dear to my heart. Sami Jo of Sami Jo Photography is a lifestyle and portrait photographer who specializes in weddings. Her incredible photo skills are taking over northern Utah and the greater Salt Lake area. Sami Jo has a knack for recognizing the beauty in everyone she meets - and that's before she even lifts her camera. She is so talented and I get little chills every time I check her blog and see her newest photo shoots. Oh, and did I mention she's my sister-in-law? Major bonus.

What is your name?  Sami Jo Shurtleff 

Blog address:

Where is your favorite place to relax?  My couch! Laying down with my sweats on, mini kit kat bars, and Parks and Recreation on the TV! Oooh it's delightful. 

What do you do to vent anger?   I cry. I rant. I complain to my husband. Drama queen? A little. But I've found a good hard run usually helps the most (while blaring salt n peppa of course).

What are your most loved comfort foods?   Soup. Oh how I love  a good hearty soup. My mom's home made clam chowder?  You would die. 

What is your guilty pleasure CD or song?  Husband and I crank the new Eminem and Nicki Minaj CDs like it's nobody's business. Sorry neighbors! 

Do you have any bad habits?  Why yes. I do! I'm a horrible driver.. Does that count as a bad habit? And one that really drives my husband crazy is when I check the mail I take out all the fun stuff and leave the bills, junk mail, etc in there. Oopsy. 

Who would you hate to be stuck in a room with?  Kobe Bryant! Grrrr... He's the worst. Go Jazz!  

What characteristics do you love?  I admire an open mind. I love when people are accepting of people and take them for who they are take the time to see the beauty in them. I love a good sense of humor, sensitivity, and integrity.  I also love a laid back personality and I envy that characteristic so much! I'm a pretty wound up person most of the time so easy going people are good for me! 

Do you sing in the car? Yes. Country music and rap are my favorite sing-a-longs. 

Who was you first movie star crush?  Jonathan. Taylor. Thomas. That hair... That cute little talking voice (Simba). Oh my gosh. I have butterflies. JTT <3

Favorite beauty product? My eyelash extensions!  I never have to wear mascara! Easy breezy. 

What is your fail-proof cure for a bad day?  PRAYER, lots of prayer, cuddles from the husband, and a good work out. A phone call to my Mom, Dad, sisters, brothers, bffs helps too. :)

What are your favorite sounds? Laughter. My sweet little babies (nieces and nephews)...Oh hearing all of them giggle together has got to be the sweetest sound in the world. I am so lucky to have twelve nieces and nephews and I love them all so much. But my husband's laugh takes the cake. He is such a giggler and when I first met him that was the first thing I noticed about him, (and LOVED about him.)  Ooh he's so dang cute! #gushing

What and/or who inspires you? I'm so inspired by the people around me.  Especially the beauty of my loved ones. I'm constantly inspired by the Utah sky , sunlight, and the mountains! I live in such a beautiful place. I'm also inspired by other artists. One person stands out to me right is Natalie Norton! She has an amazing story and her work is so genuine. I admire her so much!  See her blog here: 

Why did you start your blog and what do you hope your readers get from it?  A big thanks to Jodie Noted (who designed it for me) I started my blog because I wanted a place to display my art! I wanted a place  to express myself through my images. It has evolved into where I promote my business and where I display all my current work!  I hope my readers (viewers) feel happiness and realness when they stumble across my blog. 

Thanks so much Sami! Be sure to check out Sami's blog for some serious eye candy. My current favorite is this shoot using a tandem bicycle. Love!

If you would like to be a part of the Blogger Q+A or have a favorite blogger you'd like to nominate, please contact me at jodienoted(at) You can find past Blogger Q+A posts here

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