Wednesday, February 15

fashion formula / red jeans

I've received a lot of positive feedback from the Fashion Formula post I did a while back, so I thought it would be fun to turn it into a regular feature on my blog. I will show outfits that use the formula and give a better idea of how to use the pieces in everyday wear. I hope you enjoy!

Right now I'm on a big colored jeans kick. I have yet to buy a pair for myself, but I do spend plenty of time perusing the wide array of choices. I often wonder, though, how I would incorporate such a bold statement piece into the rest of my wardrobe. Here's an idea I came up with using the oh-so popular red jeans.

 Let's break it down:

Basic: Kind of embarrassing that the basic piece is missing from the picture, but I'm still figuring Polyvore out. I think there are actually a few different solid colors that you could wear as the basic piece that would still look good, but white or grey would be my top choices.

Interest: The red on these jeans are a little loud, but that's what the interest piece (color, pattern, texture, or shine) is about! When you keep the rest of the pieces simple and in neutral colors, the outfit comes off as clean and put-together rather than obnoxious.

Completer: A cardigan should be any girl's go-to completer piece. This horizontal stripe on the cardigan gives added interest but doesn't overpower the complete look. The scarf can also be considered a completer piece - especially since the colors in the scarf help balance out the red in the pants.

Accessories: This outfit is fun and casual so I think it's alright that we add a tad more color and pop. Plus, I have a weakness for just a tiny bit of teal and red together.

Alright - now who wants to take me shopping? Are those boots not to die for?!


Torrie said...

I also love the idea of the whole colored-denim look, but I've been too chicken (and broke!) to try it out for myself.

Great outfit :)

Michelle Porth said...

I love this Fashion Formula post! Great idea. I'm also a fan of the bright jeans-- I've been considering a teal or royal blue pair, but I can't decide if I'll be able to pull it off without looking ridiculous. :)

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

What a great post, Jodie! Oddly enough, I found your blog through a comment you left on another blog. But I'm glad I found it! You have a nice piece of blog real estate!

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