Monday, March 12

loving lately / march

-  this Laidback dress by Boden. I could rock that little beauty all spring long.
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. When making the switch from a balmy Texas winter to a frigid Idaho/Wyoming winter, dramatic is precisely what I need.
Parenthood. We recently started watching this via Netflix and I have not made it through an episode  without crying. Okay, sobbing.
-  I recently flipped through Scrapbooks Etc. magazine's April issue and they had the cutest shower themed baby or bridal shower ideas. Someone get pregnant or hitched so I can throw this party!
chocolate covered craisins. Just a few satisfy my sweet craving after every meal. Yes, every meal.
-  the ihandy level for iphone or ipod touch. This free app saved me a trip to Lowes!
-  more Boden stuff, like their straight leg capris. Have you checked out their latest catalog? Just do it and adore the prettiness.
Octavia Spencer's dress at the oscars. Modest is hottest, am I right?!
-  Mix a few tablespoons of Torani Cherry Lime syrup with sparkling water, ice cubes, and heavy cream and you've got the world on a string. Dare I say it's even better than a Sonic Cherry Limeade?
naan bread. Who knew I was so into Indian food?
vintage swimsuits. I have my heart set on a 1950's style one-piece for this summer and I'm loving the retro styles that anthropologie is offering.

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Diana Hulme said...

i love it all! :) you always share such great stuff.

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