Friday, April 13


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I have been a bit off the grid lately. Chalk it up to a combination of family days, holidays, and a few down in the dumps days. We all have them. Truthfully I am mostly enjoying the springtime sunshine and lots of mornings at the playground.

I have some goodies on the way, including a day trip with the hubs and my list of April loving latelies, which I'm excited to share. For now, though, please check out my Fashion Formula article featured over at Inspired By Family. And have yourself a happy weekend.

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Tyler and Margaret said...

Hey Jordan! So I have been terrible at keeping in touch, but I just wanted to let you know how much I love Jodie Noted! I often check in to see what's new. We just found out that we will be moving to Texas as well and your blog has helped me be excited for our upcoming adventure. I am not sure how close we will be, but I would love to see you sometime when we get there and let our little girls play again!

Margaret Jolley

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