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blogger Q+A / marta writes

Blogger Q+A is a monthly feature where we hear from some of our favorite bloggers. The questions are easy and fun and the answers are always entertaining. Read along as we get to know the best writers, fashionistas, crafters, photographers, mommies, and inspirations the blogosphere has to offer. 

I'm kind of ridiculously excited about this month's featured blogger. Marta from marta writes has been one of my favorite bloggers for years. In fact, her blog was the first I truly felt a connection to. I've loved following her through life's ups and downs, the monumental moments and the simple everyday joys. No matter what Marta writes about it is from the heart and completely genuine. I can always count on her blog to brighten my mood.

What is your name? marta dansie
Blog address:

Where is your favorite place to relax? i love relaxing on my living room couch; curled up with a quilt, a book i can't wait to read, a tall cold glass of water and a handful of chocolate chips.

What do you do to vent anger? i write. i drive (the long country roads in idaho were perfect for this). i bathe (no troubles a bubble bath can't cure). i turn up loud music or i get really quiet. i clean the house like a mad woman. sometimes a good night's sleep is all it takes.

What are your most loved comfort foods? oooh, where do i begin? my dad's amazing stew, chocolate chip cookie dough, homemade mac n' cheese (i love pioneer woman's recipe), these chicken enchiladas, and always birthday cake.

Do you have any bad habits? of course. i eat desserts at midnight. i pick at scabs. i take really long hot showers. i cannot stop myself from ordering a shake at in n' out. (every time i tell myself, i'll skip it and stick with just a burger and then, there i go again, i hear myself ordering one. it's troublesome.) i am snobby about my writing utensils. i am terribly indecisive lately. i stay up late pinning things. i forget to wash my face some nights. i go days without folding our clean clothes. i can never think of the right word (even though it sits on the tip of my tongue!) when i'm having a conversation. i like to google: Bachelor spoilers. i am a sucker for a makeover (not necessarily a bad habit unless you're my wallet).

What was the last great movie you watched? i never get tired of re-watching Dan In Real Life. it makes me laugh, it makes me cry. it's a keeper.

What characteristics do you love? sense of humor and humility are high on the list. in high school and college, i always fell for the boys who were a bit awkward and awesomely hilarious. the boys who hadn't quite grown into themselves yet, the boys who didn't even realize how rad they were; that was my type. the boys who weren't in the cool club. to this day, my husband still tells me, mart, i was not popular in high school; i lettered in band, remember? little does he realize; i so love him for it. i also crave people who are optimistic, openly-creative (so many people hide or hoard their unique creative abilities, which makes me sad. i love when people are all about sharing what they have inside; it takes guts!) and passionate (it doesn't matter what your passion is, just as long as you have one).

Your favorite or most overused word or phrase? for reals? or awesome. or that's nuts. or bad-ical. no, just kidding. i don't say that. but maybe i should start.

Who was you first movie star crush? denzel washington. i was obsessed with the Pelican Brief for a big part of my growing up years. oh.. and i do have a vivid recollection of loving the boy from Sandlot. he was darling and my friend allison holtkamp and i dreamed of him that whole summer.

Who and/or what inspires you? amazing design. cool signage, a great logo, letterpress invitations. a really well-written book always inspires me to want to write. i love to wander museums and little boutique shops. i am inspired whenever i create a collage or inspiration board. i am a visual person and love an interesting photograph. i am inspired by things that are deeply beautiful, not something just pretty from first glance, but something you really have to delve into to understand. i am extremely inspired by young entrepreneurs who open up etsy shops and create goods from hand (and heart). i definitely respect and admire (and try to support) handcrafters of all kinds. of course the boden catalogue never fails to inspire my fashion sense; i like to 'shop' my closet for new looks.

Favorite beauty product? i must admit, i do extensive research with beauty products; you'd think i'd be a beauty queen by now. i've inherited my love of makeup and pampering products from my mom. lately i am loving Bobbi Brown foundation, blush (desert rose) and gel eyeliner pots (chocolate shimmer). i love MAC eye shadows (paradisco and all that glitters are longtime faves) and lipsticks too. Their brown eyeliner pencil in Teddy is my favorite. i believe in heating up your eyelash curler a touch for a glamorous lash too. Benefit's Hello Flawless powder is incredible and Clinique's superbalm gloss in Black Honey is my favorite in-the-purse must-have. for hair, Bumble & bumble's deep conditioning hair masque is awesome and i like Suave's dry shampoo hairspray. Sally Hansen complete manicure nail polish (kook-a-mango) is my bff and i am addicted to Kiehl's hand cream. 

What are your favorite sounds? my husband's footsteps. my 3-year old singing or telling himself stories. the soft clicking of a keyboard. the hum of our dishwasher. the crack of an egg, the whir of a whisk and the sizzle of a pan.

Why did you start your blog and what do you hope your readers get from it? i started my blog in 2006 (wow! that's nuts.) and wanted a place to jot down my thoughts, post photos and practice writing on a more regular basis. i have always loved collecting quotes that inspire me and i loved the idea of having all my faves contained in one space. my blog has blossomed (is that cheesy?!) into so much more since then. blogging is a habit that i can't quit. i love writing what comes to me and publishing it without too much over-thinking. the fact that a writer can publish a rough draft and let the world read it is pretty astounding. it's taking the middle man out of it. i love the open vulnerability and genuine honesty that comes with personal blogging. there also comes an amazing group of supportive people, new friends, creative collaborations and useful feedback that i never knew existed beforehand. i hope my readers feel something when they read my blog; i hope they gain a new insight, feel thankful for something that day, tackle a brewing idea, feel a little less alone, find a new recipe or craft or maybe even feel happier. i really try to celebrate and share the little details of life that bring me joy.

Okay, now that you've gotten a sneak peek into Marta's world, go check out her blog and see the other goodness she has to offer. Thanks a million, Marta!

If you have a favorite blogger you'd like to see featured please contact me at jodienoted(at) You can find past Blogger Q+A posts here. 


holtkamp said...

thanks for the great Q&A - i love marta's blog!

Hil said...

Yay! I love Marta and really loved this post. Thanks to both of you girls.

Melody said...

Yay for Marta! Love her blog too, as well as yours. Nice questions!

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