Tuesday, September 25

the "next" button by google reader

If you use Google Reader to keep up with the blogs you follow, I have a treat for you. Or...maybe I'm the last person on earth to learn this cool trick. We'll see.

Google has a "Next" button that you can add to your toolbar to navigate your unread blog posts instead of logging in to Reader and seeing them all in list form. I like the button much better because I don't feel like I have to catch up with every blog all at once. I click the button when I have a few extra seconds and I read whatever post it takes me to. Also, I get to see the blog, which is one thing that I've missed since using Reader.

To get the button, follow these three simple steps:

Step 1.
While logged in to Reader, click on your Settings icon in the upper right corner. Then click on Reader settings.

Step 2.
Click on the Goodies tab.

Step 3.
Scroll down a bit until you find the "Next" button. Drag and drop it onto your toolbar.

It will look like this:

And you're done. You can thank me later. Or tell me I'm a bit behind the times. Whatever.


Rebecca said...

Thank you!!!!!

Amanda Holstein said...

I had no idea!! Ahhh this is gonna be so helpful. Thank you!


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