Thursday, January 27

loving lately :: january 2011

-  my new Banana Republic jeans. BR is my favorite place to buy jeans. They feel like they were made specifically to fit my body and they last. Oh, how they last! And getting an additional 50% off the sale price? It was simply impossible to turn down...which is why I bought two!

- watching What Not to Wear on its new night. This show has always been a fave, but not having to wait until the end of the week to watch it has been heavenly! My Tuesday nights suddenly got a whole lot more stylish.

- Home Decorators storage + organization products. Consider me a basket addict.

- snacking on Dare Lemon Cream cookies. I don't tend to like lemon flavors, but these are goooood.  

- almost anything made with burlap. It's such an unassuming material and I love the possibilities if you open your mind to it. A current fave is this burlap + heart pillow cover by Paula and Erika..

- my hot-pink Camelbak water bottle. Now if only I were sipping a milkshake out of it instead of water.

- sewing tutorials on  Make It and Love It and Skip to My Lou. These ladies make sewing so simple - and modern! (A big thanks to my readers who suggested them!) As soon as I get my camera back I'll post some of my latest projects.  

- Jimmer Fredette. I don't care who you are, if you know nothing or everything about basketball, or where you're from; you can't not love watching Jimmer play. Oh and the name is fun to say, too.

- fabric bunting. I know I'm very behind on this trend but I can't help but obsess over it now. Doesn't it completely brighten up a room? 

- getting picture texts from my husband of Texas sunshine and palm trees. One week and counting!!


Kim said...

I agree with the burlap. Infact, I'm making some pillows out of burlap this weekend. If they turn out okay, I'll blog about it. I also agree with you on the camelback waterbottle.

Meliss said...

Oh my heck. BR jeans ARE the best! Funny...I always thought that they were made especially for ME...we must be secret sisters or something.

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