Tuesday, April 19

for the grad

This is the first time in many, many years that I haven't thought about the end of a semester, the end of a school year, or how many more we have left before graduation. It's kind of crazy.

Last year as Clay's graduation date approached I knew I wanted to do something special for him. After years and years of hard work and sacrifice, he was finally graduating from law school! I decided to get his whole family in on it, so I put together a book full of letters from his parents, siblings, and a few other loved ones. It was a complete surprise when he opened it up and got to read how proud we all are of him and how much he means to us. It truly was a special moment.

To make the book, I printed out pieces of lined paper and mailed them to family members and included a stamped and self-addressed envelope. All they had to do was write their message and mail it back to me. I also included favorite family pictures throughout the book as well. It only took a few hours (two naptimes, to be exact) to put together once I had all the pieces.

If you have a soon-to-be graduate in your life that you'd like to celebrate I suggest doing something like this. Not only is it a great gift in the moment, but it is full of words that will be appreciated and read over and over again for years to come. Working hard for your education is something that deserves to be recognized. And we should never ignore an opportunity to let someone know how much we love and look up to them.


BECKY said...

SO sweet!

Erin said...

Such a good idea! I'm being a big copy-cat right now and going to put one together for Paul's graduation in a few weeks. Thanks for the good idea. I've been debating on what to get for him!

Ashlee said...

Very cute idea! I love it! A cute token that will be treasured for always!

Shaunee said...

So, so cute! I love the handwritten sentiments. That is something he will cherish forever.

I did something kind of like this for Cam's birthday last year. I had everyone write something nice or a memory they had about him and typed it on a 8x11 paper. Then I framed it really nice with a mat and a larger frame. It now hangs in his office at work. I still get tears in my eyes when I read some of the things people say about him!

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