Monday, May 9

our first austin visitors / a recap

kayaking + the great outdoors | Kayaking might be my new favorite outdoor activity, and not just because it was something we can do with Hallie. She sure did love it though. We saw fish and turtles and absorbed so much natural beauty. It was rewarding to work that hard and have it take you somewhere so breathtaking. Getting tan was a huge perk as well.

shopping | We shopped...a lot. The mall, IKEA, the outlet mall, Target. We had to give Nana and Sami Jo everything that their small and smaller towns don't have to offer. And I bought leggings. Leggings! I'm already in love with them and want to kick myself for not buying them years ago.

food | Every single day revolved around where we'd eat out next. We had BBQ, TexMex, pizza, Chinese, Tiki-Mex, and ALL of it was good. We also had homemade Cafe Rio pork salads and tried the famous Blue Bell ice cream (not to be confused with Blue Bonnet or Blue Bunny...not even close).

date night | Clay and I got a date night in, where the only physical proof are ticket stubs and a poorly-lit self-photo taken in an empty theater. We saw Water for Elephants, which I loved. Clay read the book a few years ago and was pleasantly surprised at how clean they kept the movie. And, since I've never seen Twilight and never plan to, this was my first experience watching Robert Pattinson on the big screen. I finally get it, ladies. I finally get it.

friendship | I'm lucky to have a husband who is so close with his siblings and parents. They are some of his truest friends. I'm also lucky to have a great relationship with them as well. I can't believe I get to call my sister-in-law my best friend. It was so great to have her and Nana here for their visit. We needed it so badly and it was the most fun we've had in a long time. I can't wait to do it again.


BECKY said...

so glad they came! every picture drips with happiness!

Shaunee said...

So fun! I bet you had a great time. Aren't families the best?!?

Mike Hansen said...

Ahhhh!! I loved my visit!!! I miss you guys AND the weather!! Thanks for such a fun time. I loved every minute of it!!! Love Nana

Sami Jo Photography said...

thanks for being such great hosts! i had so much fun! i can't wait until next time!! yay for leggings.

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