Tuesday, March 20


You know those days when you find yourself in a funk and then life throws everything it can at you in what you are sure is a conspiracy to keep you forever down and out? Please tell me you understand. I don't like to have days like that (who does?) but when they happen I always find myself wondering what magic cure will pull me out of it. Sometimes the answer is a Reese's milkshake, other times it's singing along with my favorite Ella Fitzgerald album, and then, on the luckiest of days, it's an inspired phone call from a good friend. Now I'm not much of a phone talker, but when an old friend calls with a warm voice and a listening ear you bet I'm all over that long-distance conversation.

I'm thankful for the surprise call I received today from a dear friend. She shared words of advice and encouragement and lovingly reminded me of things I'd simply forgotten. We discussed the need for girlfriends and the difference they bring to any ordinary day. I believe we (girlfriends) are part of a universal sisterhood, one with unspoken rules of support and honesty. The greatest friends I've made are ones who accept me and love me and, most importantly, allow me to learn enough about them to accept and love them in return. It's a two-way street. We don't always have a kindred spirit-type connection with every friend we make - that's okay. But I am deeply grateful for the friends I do connect with on a different level. For the friends who know me best, who know me as a mom and a wife and an individual, who can pick up right where we left off no matter how long it has been since we've last spoken. I hope every woman has at least one friend like that. If you do, be sure to count yourself truly blessed. And then maybe go give them a call.

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BECKY said...

I'm pretty sure I can guess who called... are her initials MM? I love her for loving you. And if it's someone different... well they rock too.

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