Thursday, March 22

fashion formula / grey + coral

I've seen grey all over the place lately. (I'm looking at you, Pinterest.) It's a complimentary color and, when using the right shade, it can make just about anything look soft and pretty. I love grey and yellow together for home decor (remember this?) but for apparel I'm more drawn toward grey and coral. There is something so crisp and feminine about the combination. Using the fashion formula I've created a springtime-appropriate outfit using the visually appealing color combo.

Basic:  If you're a mother or a pet owner or just likely to spill your lunch all over your lap, white pants are a risk. But what a beautiful risk they are! This pair of cropped trouser pants is the cleanest of clean slates to build an outfit on and around.

Interest:  I loved this top the moment I saw it. Just the perfect amount of flow and the texture and gathering at the neckline is flattering on any body type.

Completer:  Spring is my favorite time of year for cardigans. Nothing else can bring dimension and completion to an outfit like a cardigan. Buttoned up, unbuttoned, belted or not. Forget diamonds - this article of clothing should be every girl's best friend!

Accessories:  Isn't this bag lovely? It would only take me a lifetime of scrimping and saving to be able to purchase it. Still, I'm sure there are perfectly good substitutions down the road at Target. And the patterned flats add a wonderful little pop of interest at the other end of the white pants.

The great thing about this outfit and most others that use the formula is that each piece is so easy to transition to other outfits and seasons. Couldn't you picture that cardi over a floral sundress or the top paired with black skinny jeans? Cute.


sarita said...

Coral and grey were the colors my sister chose for her wedding last month. Such a beautiful combination!

Fanciful. said...

ABSOLUTELY in love with coral and grey! I keep pinning things on Pinterest with those colors! LOVE the cardi and the TOMS! Great post!
XO, Jessica

Diana Hulme said...

so pretty! you nailed it. :) do you have links to the items?

BECKY said...

wow, gorgeous color combo.
So, every time I get my boden catalogs, I totally picture you doing these fashion formulas for them. I'm so glad you introduced me to Boden... amazing style. Will I ever own some... hmmm...!

Sarah said...

I just need you to dress me. :) Feeling a little post baby frumpy, but I love this outfit. :)

Kathleen said...

Such a great color combination - and flattering for just about everyone. I love that bag too!

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