Friday, June 15

hallie's dad

There is something to be said about a man who is wrapped around his little girl's finger. He is willing to sacrifice watching the end of the game to make sure she gets a kiss and hug goodnight. He is the first to pick her up and wipe her tears after a hard fall. He will encourage an impromptu princess-style dance party and, in the same afternoon, make sure she knows the right way to hold a golf club or kick a soccer ball. He can carry her cold and tired body for miles while ignoring his discomfort and shaky arms. He tells her she's beautiful, smart, sweet and kind. He treats her mother better than she probably deserves and never leaves a doubt in anyone's mind that his girls are his world. 

Happy Father's Day to my favorite man. He teaches me more than I ever thought I could learn from one person. He is patient and hard working and generous and honest. I love that he is the father of my daughter and will always be the one she looks up to and turns to during hard times. He is the reason we are able to make it through each day. 

1 comment:

BECKY said...

SOOOO sweet. What a great hubby you've got. And what a fab wife he's got.

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