Thursday, August 23


After a ridiculous house hunt (for a rental, nonetheless) we finally have a place to almost call home. Next weekend cannot come soon enough. It has been seven months since I slept in my own bed, did my own meal planning and grocery shopping, and haven't lived out of a suitcase. 

Our house in Texas was blue - a hideous, dirty, old blue. Hallie remembers that house well and talks about it almost every day. Seven months later she still misses the house and, probably more importantly, all of her stuff that filled it. I can't help but smile that our new house is a little bit blue too. A newer and brighter blue, representative of our new and brighter future as a family. 

As hard as it has been living with family this year, I am glad we had the opportunity to stay with both my parents and Clay's parents. We owe them an unthinkable amount for taking us in. The experience was part fly-on-the-wall and part Family Relations 101. You learn a lot about the love of your life by watching them interact with their parents and siblings and vice-versa on a daily basis. I think Clay and I can appreciate each other's little quirks and habits a little a lot more now.

I imagine the day we move into our house will be like Christmas. Unpacking boxes and discovering things we forgot were ever a part of our past life. And, of course, we'll dig for treasures that we've been missing and dreaming of since January. (I'm talking about my box of shoes, those poor neglected beauties.) I can't wait for the cheers and excitement that are sure to come from Hallie as we open boxes of toys and stuffed animals and puzzles. She has been more than patient and has surprised us all with how well she has comprehended this stage in our life. A stage that is on its way out as we make room for the next big step - finally having our own home sweet home again. 


Torrie said...

Hooray! Congrats on the new place--it looks beautiful, and I'm a bit envious of the yard (I'm still patiently awaiting the day when I too can have a house with a yard). Here's to a great start ahead for you all!

Melody said...

What great news! We spent 3 weeks on the road without our stuff this summer, and it was like, "Seriously, I want my stuff back." Your shoes will be happy to see you.

Christine said...

YAY! Thats awesome you found a place, so happy for you guys. Where did ya find it? We need a catch up date :)

BECKY said...

squeal!!!!!! i'll be thinking about you as we move into our place too. what an exciting weekend for us.
oh, and hallie rocks. having watched e the past month deal with everything really makes me feel what you're talking about.

Shannon said...

YEA!!! I am so excited for you guys, enjoy your moving in weekend.... I will send good thoughts. Your the best!

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