Thursday, September 20

loving lately / fall

1. watching Felicity episodes on Netflix / combine one of my all-time favorite fictional characters and so much drama you can cut it with a knife and you've got an excellent show to watch as you unwind at the end of the day. Also, let the record show that I absolutely loved it when Felicity chopped off her hair.

2. jon mclaughlin / I've always been a fan but I especially love his latest album, Promises Promises. He sings his stories so well, I can't help but stop in my tracks to get a better listen.

3. Better Homes and Gardens wax scents / I might get a lot of heat for this, but I love these $2 bricks so much better than the Scentsy brand. They're cheaper, you can buy them at Walmart or online, and you aren't dealing with a consultant pressuring you into buying other products. Their selection isn't nearly as big, but their seasonal scents are delish and last just as long in the warmer. Our current fave is Spiced Pumpkin Pie.

4. crocheted scarves / the chunkier the better, right? 'Tis the season.

5. JCPenney / have you shopped here lately? I'd heard about their revamp earlier this year and finally walked through a store the other day. They have the cutest kid clothes at great prices. I'm urging Hallie to hit another growth spurt so I have an excuse to shop it up.

6. almonds / I'm trying to snack healthier and my new go-to mid-day boost is a mix of almonds and dried apricots. They taste yummy and I feel so happy putting them in my belly.

Your turn. What else is out there to love?


sarita said...

Oh how I heart Felicity! Lately I am also loving Chobani passion fruit yogurt, compression pants for exercising,and thrift store shopping--I found a Bergdorf Goodman navy cardigan yesterday at the Salvation Army for $2--that had to have been the steal of the day. And of course, I always love your Loving Lately posts.

The Robinson Bunch said...

you are the ONLY other person I know who knows about the Better homes and Gardens wax scents. They are the best! our fav. is the baked apple strudel and the spiced pumpkin as well...I found my warmer on the cleanrance section last fall for $10 and other than replacing the bulb one time which cost me $2 it is so awesome! and so much better and cheaper than scentsy!

Brittany said...

No Bake Cookies. My running belt that carries my iPhone, sport beans, and water for long runs! Bones on Netflix; Kelly and I put the kids to bed and snuggle up and watch it every night. Herbal tea with a dash of honey.

I'm going to have to watch Felicity now...I've never seen it.

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